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NewLead Holdings Limited is Simply the Worst Stock on the Planet

newleadIn the past six months, NewLead Holdings Ltd. (NEWL) has reverse-split a whopping 3 times: 1:15 on 10/17/2013, 1:3 on 12/6/2013, and most recently, 1:10 on 3/6/2014. After dropping 16% today and closing at a fresh 52-week low of 2.89, it is now more than 325 points off its split adjusted 52-week high of 328.50. This stock is now theĀ [ilink url=””]worst performing stock of 2014[/ilink]. The bulk shipping company based out of Greece recently announced that it has purchased two more vessels for $37 million, bringing its fleet up to 5 dry-bulk vessels. With a market cap of only $3.5 million, $135 million in debt, and annual revenues of only $7.28 million, the stock has sprung quite a leak.

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